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Ealing Tree Festival

In May 2022, we worked in partnership with the London Borough of Ealing and Heathrow Community Trust to deliver the first ever Ealing Tree Festival. Having established over 47,000 trees across the borough, the festival was a chance to continue inspiring local residents and celebrate our urban trees!

Over 250 local residents attended across the two days at Southall Park and Litten Nature Reserve, the majority of people travelling half an hour or less to reach the festival. Through educational activities and informative exhibits, we promoted the positive impact of trees in the borough on wildlife and biodiversity, community wellbeing, and in mitigating the effects of climate change.

We hosted a range of activities: tree walks showcasing the benefits of different trees and associated biodiversity, and opportunities for children to learn about trees through games, crafts and storytelling, with the aim of inspiring a new generation to plant and protect urban trees. Most people surveyed said they learned something new, developed a new skill or learnt about new opportunities to get involved in tree related activities from the festival (71% and 59% of 41 participants, respectively), and people reported urban trees being more important to them after the event.

'Right Tree, Right Place' was a focal point at the festival to advise residents on species selection in gardens and on private land. 66% of 41 people surveyed at the festival had new plans to plant a tree in their garden or allotment. We worked with The Tree Council to encourage attendees to get more involved in tree planting and tree care across the borough, including joining a Tree Warden scheme.


of 41 attendees said they had new plans to plant, take care of and/or promote urban trees in the next year.

Trees for Cities would like to give a special thanks to Ealing and the whole community for celebrating urban trees and the essential role of high-quality green spaces in our daily lives, particularly in urban settings.

Louise Purnell, Senior Engagement Manager at Trees for Cities

Thanks to our Funders

  • Ealing Council

  • Heathrow Community Trust

Thanks to our Partners

  • ParkPlay

  • Let's Go Southall

  • Friends of Litten Nature Reserve

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