Children in a field digging holes for trees to be planted

Glasgow City Region

The Clyde Climate Forest is a tree planting initiative in Glasgow City Region with a target to see 18 million trees planted over the next ten years; that’s ten trees for every person living in the region. 16 target neighbourhoods have been identified by the Clyde Climate Forest as areas which will be affected by climate change, due to factors such as the urban heat island effect and flooding. Planting trees in these areas will help reduce these effects.

Having supported the initiative since the first trees went in the ground in 2020/21 season, this was our first year of support where we had direct delivery involvement through our Urban Canopy Coordinator who is based in the area.

Working across 5 of the identified 16 target neighbourhoods, we developed community and school links to ensure projects were delivered by the people who would benefit most from the trees.

Delivery was split over two days for each location; a school planting day followed by a community planting day, so that children who attended with their school could come back with their families.

Looking ahead to next season, we are growing our work in the area and aiming to deliver in more target neighbourhoods. Beyond this, we are bringing our schools programme to the Glasgow City Region with new Edible Playground projects, and our Trees for Climate Action project will support engagement activities throughout our work going forward.


trees planted in partnership with the Clyde Climate Forest

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