People in grassy area with Trees for Cities bibs planting trees

Tower Hamlets

Trees for Cities has a long-standing relationship with Tower Hamlets Council and the borough’s residents. Tower Hamlets is a key target area of ours, with one of the lowest tree canopy cover densities across all of London. We continued greening Tower Hamlets during the 2022/23 planting season at Victoria Park, Weavers Fields and Bethnal Green Gardens, where communities gathered to connect with nature and plant trees!

At Victoria Park, one of London’s most popular green spaces, 103 heavy standard trees were planted, including 41 London Planes, selected for their ability to adapt to urban conditions and resist air pollution. This was accomplished with the invaluable help of 347 volunteers across five planting days. Of the 43 volunteers we surveyed, 95% said they learnt something or developed new skills about planting and looking after urban trees.

Over six planting days at Weavers Fields and Bethnal Green Gardens, 58 heavy standard trees took root across 19 different species, made possible alongside 178 volunteers.

Two-thirds of volunteers had not planted or looked after trees before, and from taking part in our events, 83% of volunteers said they had new plans to plant, take care of and/or promote urban trees in the next year (from samples of 115 and 71 people respectively).

We also delivered 17 school workshops across Tower Hamlets to educate students on the many benefits that can be derived from the urban trees in their area.

Our work to green Tower Hamlets wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Tower Hamlets community. We worked with local community groups, school children, residents, and businesses to transform many of the borough’s concrete landscapes into greener, healthier areas to live, creating a greener London with—and for—Londoners.


community and corporate volunteers attended our planting and maintenance days across Victoria Park, Weavers Fields and Bethnal Green Gardens

This is my second tree planting day in two months! I've learnt a lot, and it’s been great to have another opportunity to put what I learnt the first time to the test.

Volunteer at our Victoria Park community planting day

Thanks to our Funders

  • Tower Hamlets Council

  • Forestry Commission

  • The Nineveh Charitable Trust

  • Tower Hill Trust

  • American Express

  • All Aboard Shops LTD

  • M7, a One Day Global partner