Group of people standing on a pavement in residential area waving at the camera. There is an unplanted tree & wheelbarrow in the centre of the frame

Trees For Streets

Trees for Streets is the national community-led street tree initiative. We make it easier for residents to donate towards local street tree planting, and take an active role in their after-care. Up and down the country, people have discovered how empowering it is to green up their own street, either on their own or collaborating with a group of neighbours.

We’re now working with 18 local authorities, including Leeds, Bristol and Cambridge, and a third of London boroughs, and are constantly being contacted by new councils looking to find out about the scheme. During the 2022-23 season we raised funding for 1,975 large street trees. These are instant impact trees which are 7+ years old when planted.

We’ve experienced a lot of media interest. Trees for Streets was featured on BBC Points West, with a story where residents worked to restore an avenue of trees in Bristol. Conservationist, Tom Heap, featured the project on Sky’s Climate Show, whilst the Guardian covered our #WateringWednesday campaign which aims to get the nation out watering their young street trees.

Early this year we celebrated with a group of residents in South Tottenham who managed to crowdfund 18 trees (as shown in the header photo of this page). Their street previously had none. Their hard work will transform a grey polluted street into a green verdant space; a wonderful legacy that will be a continuing source of civic pride. Theirs is just one of many street communities to use our platform as a way to green-up where they live.


instant-impact semi-mature trees were funded nationally, a significant increase from last season

We are signatories of the UK Architects Declare initiative and we have pledged to raise awareness and advocate low carbon principles in our buildings to tackle the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. We are delighted to be able to contribute to the greening of our local area to help mitigate both of these issues.

David Tucker, Trees for Streets sponsor & Director at Rivington Street Studio

Thanks to our Funders

  • Green Recovery Challenge Fund: The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Natural England, Environment Agency, Forestry Commission and The National Lottery Heritage Fund

  • Players of People's Postcode Lottery: Postcode Green Trust

  • City Bridge Trust

  • Mayor of London